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I’m so glad you stumbled across my words! I hope you’ll stay.

My name is Heather. I like to think I was named after the Heather plant (not the mean girls in “The Heathers”), which is a small shrub speckled with pink or purple flowers, commonly raised in rocky areas near shade. It’s not quite a bush, not quite a tree and isn’t left untamed. As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) living and writing in Buffalo, New York, I often feel like a speckled shrub doing my best to burst through rocks. Do you understand what I mean, Dear Reader?

I carry Mary Oliver’s dog poems close to my heart to offset feeling the “funeral in my brain” like Emily Dickinson so perfectly explained. Though sometimes I do feel alive. I extract energy from books, vintage architecture, traveling abroad, music and dogs (all the dogs, please!). I’m currently working on my first full collection of poems, which this blog has been titled after.

What is this blog, you ask? This blog is an expression of creativity, reflection and inspiration to help keep me sane. Throwing words at the moon, hoping they don’t return, yes, it keeps me centered. I hope it can bring something to your life, too. Come have a conversation with me (virtually, of course, ‘cause anxiety)!

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I am a College Academic Advisor by day and a writer by night–while also finishing an M.A. in Literature and Innovative Writing. I’m doing my best, in my own way, in my own time. I believe being kind means everything.

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