Florida, Mahjong & the Glory of Thesis Anxiety

The hardest part of writing a Masters Thesis is always thinking about the thesis. Is my topic fresh enough? Will I choke when I need to defend this? How did I even get this far? There is no certainty when writing a thesis, but I suppose that’s true of many things. One thing is certain,Continue reading “Florida, Mahjong & the Glory of Thesis Anxiety”

Dear Moonkeeper

on the edge of a hike I trekked 7 miles and 28 flights of stairs to bring the rapids a bouquet of flowers in exchange for words. Instead, she sent me a quiet beach-ball bouncing about the swirling water of Devil’s Hole. In the dark of a tree contours the shape my body. So, IContinue reading “Dear Moonkeeper”

An Existential Crisis on a Scenic Hiking Trail

“We can all agree that the unexamined life is not worth living…but if all you’re doing is examining, you’re not living.” — Adam Leipzig The hardest part of having an existential crisis is that it come as quiet as a teenager sneaking in after curfew. It’s the uncontrollable need to ask questions over and overContinue reading “An Existential Crisis on a Scenic Hiking Trail”

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